Friday, November 12, 2010

A Sweet Fragrance

My first bottle of Shalimar came from my Mother's best friend when I was in Jr. High. For you younger ones that would be middle school!

I was probably too young for such an extravagant gift but that's the way Aunt Charlotte was.

Immediately I loved the warm, sweet, spicy fragrance. Without discussing how many years, I've worn this fragrance off and on ever since.

When I make my bed I spray a little on my pillows, when I walk into my bedroom I am immediately greeted by a fragrance that puts a smile on my face and makes me feel like putting on a cashmere sweater and having a hot chocolate.

This fragrance warms my heart, works wonders with my body chemistry, brings back only pleasant memories, and makes me feel at home.

Isn't it funny how certain smells cause different reactions? Burned food, burning leaves (for those of you close to my age!), cut grass, rotten eggs, coffee, gas fumes from the truck in front of you, warm apple pie all of these smells and more cause us to react in some way.

In Eph. 5 the Word says, "Be imitators of God as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God."

Living a life of love, the kind of love Christ exhibited, causes a fragrant offering to rise to God's throne.

I'm not talking about the kind of Politically Correct love that says to accept all beliefs as equal and all paths lead to god, or let's circle the globe and have a bottle of coke.

I'm talking about the kind of love for others that will cause you to want to sacrifice some of your comforts to help someone in need.

What kind of need? All kinds of needs, a hug, helping someone move, a phone call, some clothes or food, a smile, a blanket, yard work, giving something of yours to benefit someone else.

I don't think God sits up there with a check list watching us go through life.

I think He's saying, "Smell that? I smell something wonderful. One of my children is releasing a fragrant sacrifice into my atmosphere and it's making me smile."

My take on heaven is a fragrance like Shalimar, baked cookies, apple pie, but better!

As I walk through this life I want God to smell me coming and going, not because I stink but because I am releasing a fragrant offering to Him.


Wendy, Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's in Your Cupboard??

Monday evening I opened the cupboard that has my spices, tea, oil, etc. and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something move. I quickly did what most of us would do, I closed the cupboard and told myself I was seeing things, that it was just my imagination, and besides it was rather dark so what ever I saw I probably really didn't see.

Then I poured myself a glass of milk and went to bed.....

The next day I knew I couldn't ignore my sighting and I had to do something ASAP.

Thanks to the internet, I researched what to look for as "evidence" of a visitor in my cupboard. I grabbed my light and began to carefully open the doors one by one, starting furthest from the previous nights alleged sighting.

I saw little tiny black dots resembling sand hear and there. Not what I wanted to see....

Something or things, were lurking in my cupboard and were doing a good job of hiding from me. I was not about to have any visitors of the creepy kind so I went to work.

Methodically, I emptied each cupboard, illuminating it with as much light as I could to see what was hiding. I scrubbed it with bleach and sprayed with bug spray.

Each item in the cupboard was washed in HOT water and lots of soap and bleach. Not the contents of the spice containers, just the outside.

On the second shelf of the last cupboard there it was.... my enemy.....the very thing I thought I had under control simply because I couldn't see it or them.

I grabbed my bug spray and promptly drowned the little sucker. Then I had to dispose of the body, yuck and yuck.

Needless to say that cupboard got an extra shot of bleach and disinfectant.

My situation was this, I got the roach but how many of his hundreds of relatives were residing behind my cupboard, or stove? I don't know, I can't see them. Short of ripping out my cupboards I may never know, ewwwww.

All cupboard doors remained open that night, bug spray handy and lights on.

The next day my son, who used to work for a pest control company came over, I made him inspect each shelf and every box containing food in my kitchen. After a few helpful tips he assured me I did everything I could and probably got the relatives while spraying in the cracks between the cupboards, stove, microwave, floor and ceiling.

I knew God wasn't going to let this experience go to waste, so here it is

Luke 8:17 tells us, "For ALL that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all." NLT

During this time, I had a couple "incidents" that caused things I thought were over to resurface. Things that were apparently buried so deep I thought they were gone and forgotten.

When the "light" of an event hit me in just the right, or wrong way, I realized that little thing had not completely gone away but just hid down deep behind all the good things in me so I wouldn't know it was still in me.

That sounded familiar. My son explained the roaches like to be in areas where there's a lot of stuff so they can feel something on each side of them. This makes them feel secure and they can go to sleep.

Sometimes we intentionally conceal things and somethings we have things so deep with in us we don't even know they are there till something happens and we are shocked at our response.

The more we allow God's light to shine deep with in us and allow His light to bring hidden things to the surface and bleach them clean the more space we have in us for His Holy Spirit.

The more we are filled with His Holy Spirit through the light of the Word the less room we have for those pesky little critters that are destroying us from deep within.

So that's my little story.

We have to always be willing for God to shine His light deep within us to expose what's concealed that's not of Him.

Then we must be willing to let Him cleanse us so we have more room for Him.

Keep your lights on!!


Wendy Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Friday, October 15, 2010

Into the Light

I was watching the rescue of the miners in Chile along with millions of my closest friends, completely awestruck by the enormity of this event. After 69 days under ground these men, one by one, were being lifted out of their dark captor into the light and freedom of the above ground world.

As each miner made the choice to get into the capsule and be lifted up, I was filled with emotion. Every rescue brought a tear to my eye knowing those waiting on the surface would be reunited with their loved ones.

Watching husbands and wives, fathers and children being reunited with an opportunity to forever "upgrade" what ever kind of relationship they had prior to the accident filled me with joy.

While this was going on, one family's reunion moved me to uncontrollable sobs. It was a Mother standing there, waiting for her son to be lifted out of his temporary world of darkness into the saving light and fresh air of the surface. I could only imagine how her heart pounded watching, waiting, knowing any minute her son would be safe in her arms. I tried to put myself in her place wondering how many hours this Mother spent on her knees during the days of her son's life in darkness, how many tears were shed as she cried out to God for her sons rescue.

God spoke to me very clearly during this specific reunion.

He showed me each believer has family trapped in a world of darkness, and at any moment they could be swallowed up, lost forever. Or they could be lifted out of their darkness, provided they choose to get into the capsule and take the ride to the surface.

As believers we are given a promise from God, and I happen to be one of those who believe God will never default on a promise.

In Acts 16:31 He promises us if we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ we would be saved, not just us but our household. To me, this is one of the most exciting promises in my Bible.

By holding fast to my salvation, believing in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, my God will save my entire household. That's my children, my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren and all the kids who have lived under my roof. That is exciting!

I have the God given right to stand on this promise for the salvation of ALL of my household.

I have the God given right, based on this promise to call my household saved no matter how things appear.

I have the God given right to battle in the spirit for each person that has been placed in my family and my extended family.

I have the God given right to call them out of the darkness into His light.

Not only do I have the right, it's my job, my responsibility to stand in the gap for each person God has given me to care for.

Like the Mother standing there waiting for her son to emerge from the depths of the darkness he was captive to, I stand waiting expectantly for each member of my household to come to the end of their own entombment.

I stand waiting, believing God will make good on His promise.

If you are saved and are waiting on loved ones to see the light, don't worry, be happy!! God has promised you their salvation all you have to do is believe.

If you are not saved yet and you are reading this, it is your responsibility to accept Jesus death on the cross as payment for all your sins so your household can begin to come into order and receive the gift of eternal life with Him. It's not hard to turn your household around, it starts with a simple decision by you, just tell God you receive His gift of forgiveness and mercy and the process will begin.

Those of us on the "surface" must stand, waiting for our loved ones to get into that capsule of Jesus Christ and begin their ride into the light and fresh air.

I will stand with you for the salvation of your household, and I would appreciate your standing with me for the salvation of my entire household.


Wendy, Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Friday, September 17, 2010

Have You Come to a Detour?

Have you ever gotten to a certain point in your life and wondered,
how on earth did I get here? What happened that caused me to arrive at this point?

This isn't where I was going. I was heading in a different
direction. This is not how my life was supposed be.

In some areas of my life I can look back and know the exact moment I was cut off and ended up on another path. At the time, the incident seemed less than significant, but that one little bump ended up taking me completely off track. It took me down a foreign road that I or my children were never meant to travel.

You see, when you are a parent, your children must go down that dark road with you. My heart aches now to look back at my travels knowing no matter how I tried to see my way clear, I was in darkness and thus so were my precious children.

In other areas, as hard as I try I can't figure out how I got off track or when the detour started, I just know something went wrong somewhere in my travel through life. Was it a harsh word, or look from someone I looked up to, or perhaps something one of my parents said over me as a child that put a harness of slavery on me? As hard as it is, I have to realize I may never know the real root of my detour. I just have to accept here I am, now what am I going to do?

I fully believe all my twists and turns come as no surprise to God. After all, He created me and His love for me has been constant, even when I was running my race on the wrong track.

He has always steered me back on course. Sometimes gently, lovingly and sometimes jerking me up ripping me out of a situation causing, oh, so much pain. But I understand had He not used force at times I would have kept blindly feeling my way down a dark and dangerous pathway never intended for me or my children.

I also believe we each come to a detour sign in our lives and are forced into making a choice. We can ignore it and plow ahead forcing our way down that same path to certain death, or we can choose to make the turn that saves our life and the lives of our children.

Choosing to turn with the detour can sometimes be the hardest act of obedience ever. We have to deal with our pride, our fears, our guilt, our shame, this list goes on and on. In dealing with each of our issues one by one, as we take the detour God has arranged for us, we begin to see a restoration of our life back to the original purpose God has for us. Generally not overnight, but in time. God's time.

In Galatians 5:1&2, Paul writes, "Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your Stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you. I am emphatic about this. The moment any one of you submits to circumcision or any other rule-keeping system, at that moment Christ's hard-won gift of freedom is squandered."

Later in vs. 7 he writes, " You were running superbly! Who cut in on you, deflecting you from the true course of obedience? This detour doesn't come from the One who called you into the race..."

I don't know about you, but I do not ever want to squander the Blood of Christ again. I want to stay alert and stand strong keeping my eyes open watching for anything that is trying to deflect me from my true course of obedience.

Sound paranoid? You bet, I don't ever want to go down that road of darkness again. If I let my guard down for one instant something will try to knock me off my path.

My only words of advice are put on God's armor everyday, stand on guard, and pass me some coffee so I can stay alert!


Wendy, Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

God Speaks, even when there's nothing said

Job 16:20 says, " My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out tears to God." NIV

Several years ago at a Woman's Meeting the alter was opened up for us to seek God, pray, what ever was needed. I went up secretly hoping for a word from God through the lady who had spoken to us that morning, I have to say I was totally taken off guard by what happened to me there in His presence.

I fell on my knees praying and deep, deep, deep from inside me I started to cry. Memories of my past kept flooding in and all I could do was cry, cry, cry. Not just whimper, or the sophisticated quiet tear rolling down one cheek that causes others to say, "Oh, what strength". No, not me I was sobbing uncontrollably, loud, tears, snot the whole ball of wax.

Part of me kept saying, "Pull it together, girl you are embarrassing me in front of all these ladies" but I just couldn't. The second I thought I was about to regain my composure it would start all over again. I couldn't control it, I felt like my insides were coming out and to a certain extent they were.

All the "stuff" from that part of my life that was less than stellar, that part that still tries to creep in to cause shame and guilt, that part that destroyed my relationship with my children, that part that makes up my testimony was playing before me like a movie that I couldn't shut off. It just wouldn't stop. I had no control, and I was getting pretty upset with myself for the embarrassing display. I remember the lady coming near me, and I was thinking, "finally, a word from God and I can put myself back together." She walked right past me, I knew she knew I was there in a little heap at the alter, anyone with in ear shot knew I was there.

I was totally discheveled, makeup running down dripping off my chin, hair matted from sweat, thank God I had slacks on. You get the picture.....

OK, I've said all that to say this.

There was a lady, a matriarch in the church. You know the one, she's what we aspire to be when we grow up. Her parents were missionaries, she has a Godly presence about her, frail in appearance probably in her 70's or early 80's, and yet mighty in the Spirit. I'm sure anyone reading this knows her or someone like her.

She came and sat down beside me on the floor, which I knew at the time had to be painful for her.

During all this mess, when most of us would have been tempted to start a deliverance and cast out a few of the demons who were torturing me, or try to get me to talk about what was going on, or at the very least grab some oil and start praying in tongues she did none of the above.

In her wisdom, maturity and compassion she just sat there handing me tissues. Occasionally she would rub my back, but for the most part of this ordeal she just sat there next to me, on the floor quietly not saying a word. It was like she was protecting me, possibly she was. Maybe she was the reason no one else came over and tried to "minister" to me. She just sat there and let me get it all out till there was nothing left.

I can't describe what her presence was like for me, but this scripture in Job, "My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out tears to God." Comes to life every time I remember that morning.

She was quietly interceding on my behalf, handing me tissue after tissue sitting next to me on the floor just being there, allowing me to pour out my tears to God.

When ever I am in a place where someone is in distress I remember that morning, and I know sometimes the best way to be a friend is just be there. I get so tempted to share my experiences, to give scripture, to anoint with oil to "minister" in some way, to do do do, talk talk talk. I thank God for the Woman of God who taught me sometimes quietly being there for someone is the best ministry we can offer.

I will never forget what Miss Amy did for me that day, I will never forget the lesson I learned from her.

Perhaps that lesson was the Word from the Lord He wanted me to have that day!


Wendy, Princess
Daughter of the King
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Hope? Here's Some of Mine!

In our hearts we felt the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves, but on God, who raises the dead. He has delivered us from such a peril, and He will deliver us. On Him we have set our hope that He will continue to deliver us. 2 Cor.1:9

I usually tend to shy away from Paul's writing because to me, he rambles. Now before you decide to have a deliverance session for me let me explain.

Having the tendency to ramble on myself, I can relate to his wordings. But many times I find myself at the end of a sentence forgetting what the beginning was about and I lose the whole thought.

This thought of his really makes sense to me, let me explain.

Many times through out the years I've felt the grip of panic and fear, the darkness of feeling alone, and the inability to breath. The overwhelming feeling that everything is spinning out of control and I surely won't make it another day without some kind of relief.

To me the sentence of death isn't just about dieing a physical death, it's about being in a place of no hope. You feel alone and there is nothing anyone can do to turn the page, so to speak. You just have to sit there in the dark and wait praying for something, anything to happen to get you through this situation.

My old way of handling these moments or days or weeks was to go into a total panic, cry uncontrollably, and hide in a corner out of shear terror of what was to become of me. Not much hope, very little faith.

As I've grown closer to God I'm able to look on these momentary setbacks and know, in time, the sun will shine because none of my situation at hand is a surprise to God. He knew it was coming, He knew it wasn't going to kill me, and He all ready had a plan for my salvation from whatever situation I currently found myself.

During these times of certain "death" I find myself recouping my composure much more quickly than I once did. I find myself reminding God about all the past messes He's seen me through and that, since I am one of His favorite daughters, I just know He has the Master plan to raise me from the "dead" yet again.

No matter what "death scene" I'm experiencing at the moment, I've learned through experience, my loving faithful Father will once again reach down, pick me up and set me on my way. His track record is impeccable, He is always there working in the background on my behalf. And through each scary trial my faith in Him grows.

So now, when the "goblins" come to attack, I refer back to the many times I was rescued and "raised from the dead" and they don't seem so big and scary.

When we are faithful to seek God, He allows us to find Him, He's ever ready to extend His hand of life to us in our most dire situations.

If you are going through a period of "sure death" with unemployment, divorce, betrayal, foreclosure, disease, flood, draught or what ever other plague or plagues are beating your door down, seek Him, cry out to Him and in time you'll be able to breathe again.

Nothing you are going through is a surprise to Him. He all ready has your victory planned out. He just needs you to reach out to Him in faith knowing He'll do what He does best. Then stand on the fact that He will do it. He'll come through, I promise. Maybe not the way or in the time frame you would envision, but His ways are not our ways. Trust me on this, His ways are sooooo much better!

There are so many other scriptures about God being our protector, but I choose to close with this one. After all it is my blog!

"Because she loves me," says the Lord, "I will rescue her; I will protect her, for she acknowledges My name." Ps. 91:14 Yours doesn't say she??? Why not try inserting your name to give this an added bit of reality.


Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Learning Pride in America

My Dad fought in the 103 Armored Division during WWII. He was a Staff Sargent at the time and was in Africa, Italy, France (I think) and Germany.

He had fully intended on staying in the army after the war, but told me they started sending new C.O's over with only a college education and no battle time what so ever. He couldn't see taking orders from some one who only had "book-learning" and no actual experience so he left the Army when his time was up when the war ended.

He always wanted to go back to the places he served in during the war. He especially loved Italy, perhaps it was the wine! But, as life would have it he never made it back.

I can remember going to all the parades in Canton, Ohio on Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Independence Day. When I was little he would hoist me onto his shoulders so I could see. Him being 5'6" that put me about eye level with the crowd. But to me he was a very tall man.
As I watched him, my love for this Country developed. Nothing I learned in school taught me the value of our freedom or the ultimate price our Military Personnel are willing to pay.

It wasn't always his words, although he he had many and was willing to use them, it was his body language, his actions that showed me how much it means to be a Citizen of the Greatest Country God ever allowed be created. As the Flag would pass by, I could feel him stand at Attention out of love and respect. As I got older I could see him tear up, these were important lessons for me to learn at a young age.

When flag burning became the acceptable form of protest, I couldn't even imagine someone doing that to something that meant so much. Not that it was the cloth, but what that piece of cloth stood for.

After 9-11 he had our dear family friend and my Sister by choice, Darlene hang a full sized American Flag in his window at the nursing home. He wanted to make sure, if any of those B-----ds flew past his window they would know who was in that room!

He was, at the age of 90, totally ready to take up arms to defend this Country. I bet if someone had given him his gun he would have stood, or at that time in his life sat, guard and done it with as much passion as he fought the enemy during the war.

No book can teach that, no history lesson can instill that kind of passion for one's Country. Only by watching a little man by stature, yet a huge man by heart can you pick up on the value of being an American Citizen.

So on this Independence Day 2010, I would like to express my thanks to every man and woman who has served, who is serving and who is going to serve in the Military.

May God Bless you and God Bless America.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Let the Son Shine In

I was doing some yard work last week, not a good idea in 95 degree heat with the sun beating down and a boat load of humidity in the air. But who says I always use practical thinking when I start a project?

As very little time went by I noticed something trickling down my back, forehead, and other places a lady wouldn't admit to. As nature would deem it, I was sweating, not glistening, not perspiring, I was wringing wet with yucky sweat.

The sun and heat caused my body's temperature to rise to a point where it took over and started it's own air conditioning system.

When we get too hot, in order to cool our temperature down to a livable setting, our body goes into action. The sweat our pores emit actually acts as a coolant for our body. As the minimal breeze hits our wet skin it causes the evaporation of the sweat to cool our temperature down, at this point hopefully the wise will seek shelter in the air conditioning.

In this sweat we emit, are toxins, impurities if you will, that need to be expelled from our bodies. Sweating has a two fold purpose, cooling the body and expelling toxins from our body. Pretty cool, huh?

When we are done with this process we need to re-hydrate our body in order for it to function properly. That's when the jug of water comes in handy. Water, pure filtered H2O to replenish what has left our body. If we don't drink enough water we become dehydrated and our body suffers dearly. We must fill'er up or we get sick, then other issues will take over and a trip to the doctor will be in order.

There are a lot of beverages we can drink, but only clean, pure water will really restore our bodies back to prime working order. Everything else is just a copy of the original.

In a nutshell, the sun heats up our bodies, our temperature rises, we sweat out the poison that has collected in our bodies, and we must replace the toxins with water.

Where is this leading you ask??

When the Son begins to shine in us, the pureness of His being burns out the impurities we've collected throughout our life time. The breeze from the Holy Spirit causes the impurities to evaporate, they are no longer a part of us. In order to keep the toxins from rebuilding we must fill ourselves with the Water of the Word or the toxins will re-enter our body.

Eph. 5:26, Cleansing her by the washing with water through the Word.

John 7:37&38, If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. Whoever believes in Me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.

Matthew 12: 43-45, When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, 'I will return to the house I left.' When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven others spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there, And the final condition of that man is worse than the first.

Next time you're outside in the hot sun, let it be a reminder of what Jesus Son light can do for you. But make sure to wear a hat and drink plenty of Water!


Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Friday, June 18, 2010

Being Prepared

I was reading in Timothy today and stumbled across an interesting statement, that so much shadows today's attitudes towards the Word that I had to share it with you.

In 2Timothy 4:2-4 Paul is telling Timothy the following, "Preach the Word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths."

As I read this I couldn't help but think of all the news media, politicians, educators, pastors, students, writers, actors, musicians, well you get my drift, people in all walks of life who can't tolerate the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"They" have surrounded themselves with "intellects" who have twisted and desecrated the Word till it appears to them to be nothing but another fictional book to be laughed at and ridiculed. Making those whose life is directed by God's Words look like illiterate simpletons that can barely read or comprehend a more tolerant and sophisticated line of thought.

One would think Paul somehow transported himself to the 21st century and observed the world as we see it today. I'm amazed at the accuracy of his description of people surrounding themselves with "yes men", and listening only to those who's words spew out like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, enabling a twisted thought process to justify a more "tolerant" life style.

As Believers, we are charged to be prepared in season and out of season. To me that means when being a "Christian" is socially acceptable, or when the world seem to do a 180 and everything we as Believers stand on is offensive and repulsive to the socially and intellectual elite.

Can we stand committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ when our freedoms and rights are striped away because someone is offended by the Blood of Jesus?

Is the Word in us to the overflow point that if something should happen to our Bible we can draw from the meals we've ingested and still speak God's Word allowing the infilling of the Holy Spirit to speak through us?

Are we, as Believers, really ready to face a Godless society and not compromise His Word, but exemplify it in our daily walk?

I know I personally need a lot more time on my knees seeking His face, gleaning from the insight of others and learning to hear His voice for myself so I will be prepared in season and out of season to share the Gospel.

It seems like I'm being a real doomsayer today, however I find it encouraging and exciting to know that as long as I seek Him I will find Him. To know He has a plan for me, that He has anointed me and called me and that He will finish the work He started in me. Relying on that, I know when the time comes, His Words will flow out of me like honey or fire which ever is needed at the moment and His Holy Spirit will fill me with power.

Knowing God is no respecter of persons, what He does for me He does for you. As long as we seek His face diligently He will give us everything we need to be prepared for what ever comes our way!

That to me calls for a "happy dance"!

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Thursday, May 27, 2010

For This is God's Will for You

I'm always amused at myself when I read a scripture that I've all ready highlighted, marked, dated and made a note about and look at it as if it was the very first time I read the words. Certainly I am the only person in the world that happens to!

So many times we all ask ourselves, "What is God's will for me?", "How do I know what to do?", "Who can I call or text or email or tweet that will have a word for me from God?"

Today in my reading I stumbled on what I see as a very clear instructional for putting ourselves in line with God's will. It's actually pretty simple, and very clear, no need for a Doctorate in Theology to understand what Paul's saying in these few lines. In fact, in my Bible the subtitle for the text is Final Instructions, the editor wanted to make sure the reader fully understood the importance of these words.

Are you curious? Ready to be astounded at my Spirituality? Hold onto your hats and prepare to be amazed!!

Here's the list:

1 Respect those who work hard among you, who are over you in the Lord (Pastors, Teachers, etc.) and who admonish you. Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work.
2 Live in peace with each other
3 Warn those who are idle
4 Encourage the timid
5 Help the weak
6 Be patient with everyone
7 Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong
8 Always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else
9 Be joyful always
10 Pray continually
11 Give thanks in all circumstances

For this is God's WILL for you in Christ Jesus


Do not put out the Spirit's fire
Do not treat prophecies with contempt
Test everything
Hold on to the good
Avoid every kind of evil

And then at the end of the Final Instructions, Paul sends out a blessing to the reader.

May God Himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it! 1st Thessalonians 5:12-24

That's better than any Irish Blessing I've ever heard!!

We always think we have to do do do, and there it is, God will Sanctify us, He will do it. There's a total of 16 things listed here for us to do and knowing we can't do it without Him, Paul tells us the One who calls us will do it, He will sanctify us.

To me that's so freeing, realizing my to do list has been given, and as long as I hide myself under the Rock that is higher that I, He will do it. He will lead and guide me and put in me the fire of the Spirit to direct my path.

What an awesome God we serve. He gives us our orders and knowing we can't, on our own, accomplish the list, He let's us step into Him and He does it. That's His will for us, to be Inside Him resting, waiting, standing, praising, loving, listening, the list goes on and on.

Bottom line, crawl up in His lap, settle down in His arms and let Him bring about His will for you. He will do it!


Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who's Dancing in Your Head?

So many times I cry out to God in my place of fear, suffering, humiliation, etc. needing to make sure He sees what I'm going through.

I need to make sure He has a full understanding of my situation, just in case He was off somewhere having coffee with Abraham, Moses and the gang and missed what's going on.

So many times I feel like I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth. On one side I'm thinking O, pity me, Lord look at me, see what I'm going through. Out of the other side, I'm saying God, You are well able.

Acting like the petulant child I allow myself the luxury of having a come apart, whining to the Most High God about my situation, while the other side of my head it telling me He's all ready got it taken care of for me.

Oh please someone, tell me I'm not the only one that has two decidedly different visions of their situation doing a version of Dancing with the Stars inside their head!

Much has and can be said on this dance competition. Coming before God in prayer for help is a topic greater Christians than me have written about, but I'd like to share my take on this.

Psalm 100

1. Shout for joy to the Lord
2. Worship the Lord with gladness
3. Come before Him with joyful songs
4. Know that the Lord is God, He made us, and we are His.
5. Enter His gates with Thanksgiving.
6. Enter His courts with Praise.
7. Give thanks to Him, Praise His Name.

Do this because the Lord is good, His love endures forever, and His faithfulness continues through all Generations because of His Covenant with His people.

I think once we've gone through these steps the things that are messing with us will grow strangely dim and His presence will move the mountains far from us.

We with our finite minds will be able to put our situation in the proper perspective, that would be God's perspective not ours.

Proper protocol goes a long way in approaching the King, and I think approaching our King, Father with praise and worship will get us a lot closer to His ear than our incessant whining about our situation.

Nothing surprises Him, and he all ready knows exactly what's going on. He doesn't take coffee breaks, He's ever present, always watching, waiting for us to approach Him with thanksgiving.

When we get so full of thanksgiving we bubble over, the dance competition will be over and God will be the winner!

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Monday, April 5, 2010

Who is your Daddy?

Come near to God and He will come near to you. James 4:8

Sounds simple enough. So why do we always think we have to have an action plan and a scheme or a list of things we have to do or become?

In March the unemployment office celebrated my one year of unemployment by stopping my benefits!

Previously I had received a letter stating I was approved for a 13 week extension. Now, me being me, I assumed that meant my benefits would be automatically extended 13 weeks since the letter didn't have any fine print telling me otherwise.

On the day my check is normally in my bank account I checked my account and discovered a negative $400 balance. I quickly realized something was wrong, duh!! I must have misunderstood what was going on. After a very quick call to unemployment I was told my benefits had come to an end regardless of what the letter had said and I needed to reapply.

The nice lady on the phone took my info. and submitted my claim again assuring me I was all ready approved for more weeks, but since everything was first come first serve my application was at the bottom of a very large pile to be reviewed, and she had no idea how long it would take to get my checks started again. Reassuring me I would get all the back weeks I missed didn't make me feel better considering the current state of my checking account and the fact that in 2 weeks my rent was going to be due.

Unlike how I used to react to this type of situation, I just said," OK, God this isn't a surprise to you so what do you have planned?"

After calling the bank and a few other places I had done all I could do, the rest was up to God.

I was nudged by the Holy Spirit to Fast. I pulled out my book, "Fasting" by Jentezen Franklin, grabbed my Daniel Fast information from it's folder and started to prepare myself. I knew I was to fast from Monday-Sat before Easter.

On Monday I claimed my unemployment weeks as instructed by the nice lady on the phone, knowing it would probably be at least 6 weeks till I started getting my checks again, that's what I was told the wait was.

Knowing there was no other immediate source of income for me I reminded God He was my provider and rent was coming due, just in case He forgot.

I proceeded with my fast Monday and Tuesday knowing God had a plan, trusting Him to fulfill His plan. I was feeling very much like a little girl trusting her Daddy was going to provide somehow. I didn't know how and I really didn't care how I just knew He was up to something.

Wednesday came and I thought I'd take a peek at my negative balanced bank account just for kicks. I almost fell off my chair when rather than a negative balance I was back in the black!!

Not only did God move on the State of Florida to get me to the top of that long list, but the first week that's normally held back was in there too!!

What could I do but praise and thank Him! There was some serious happy dancing going on in my home that morning!!!

Along with all that, as if that wasn't enough, God, my Daddy, decided to bless me with some groceries just to put a little icing on the cake.

He is such a good Dad, if we would just let Him what He wants to be to us. He doesn't need our instructions, our lists, our plans. All He needs is for us, His beloved Children to draw close to Him.

If we take one tiny, feeble, infant step toward Him, the creator of the Universe runs to us to fill in the pot holes, level the mountains, fill up our bank accounts and throw in a few groceries for good measure!

How can we not love and praise Him? How can we not trust Him to take care of us? He has chosen to have a loving family relationship with us, He's not going to hurt us, He wants to be our Daddy.

Even if there was no loving family relationship in our life to draw on for an example, even if there wasn't a Daddy figure in our childhood, He wants to fill in that loss. He wants to be your Daddy. He will never leave us or forsake us and He's not a man that he would lie to us. You can trust Him when maybe your earthly father wasn't so trustworthy or loving.

Having what the world would call crazy faith in God is not politically correct or socially acceptable, but I'll continue strive to raise my level of crazy faith in my Father.

In the end, He's the only one who will take care of His own by lavishing us with all the blessings He has stored up for us.

He's waiting on us to take that step toward Him in love and obedience so He can start overwhelming us with His love, comfort, healing, and provision.

Let Him be your Daddy.


Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Monday, March 22, 2010

Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

I think everyone has a place that makes them say ahhhh.

This is one of mine. I have a courtyard off my kitchen with a pond, little water fall, fish and soft solar lights.

In the evening I sit out there and go ahhhhh. I'm content there. Next to my back porch this is a favorite spot.

An observation I've made through out my life is where ever I am, I'm usually dreaming about being or doing something else.

I have it on good authority that I'm not alone in this pursuit of the green grass on the other side. Or maybe it's a longing for the "good old days", either way it keeps us from the present moment and from contentment.

When we are young we get fake ID's that say we're older. When we're older, well I'd just as soon no one ask my age!

When we're single we know if we were only married things would be better. Then, when we're married we're quite sure God made a mistake and if we were only single we would be able to fulfill God's plan for us. And if we become single again we dream of that non-existent Prince Charming to ride up on his white horse and sweep us off our feet, then we'd be able to do God's will and minister to others.

If we have straight hair we pay for a perm and if we have curly hair we straighten it.

When we are driving to work we lament about our busy work days that keep us from God's work. When we are unemployed we are desperate to get that job to survive.

When we're here we want to be there and when we get there we feel God leading us somewhere else.

When we don't have kids we are desperate for them, when we have them we love them but many times we dream of the day they are doing their own laundry in their own apartment. When they are doing their laundry in their own place, we long for the dirty diapers, lingering hugs, messy rooms and noise.

Having any or all of these things in our lives is wonderful, but none of these will bring us to the place where we are content.

The only thing that will bring us true contentment is having a deep, intimate relation with our Creator.

Seeking Him, getting to know Him deeply, craving His presence, allowing Him to shape us right where we are into that person He created us to be is the only thing that will bring true contentment.

Daily striving to build such a trust in Him that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, where ever we are, whatever circumstance we find our selves in He will change it into something good.

Phil. 4:12 Paul writes, "I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

I think our catch phrase should be "Thank you God for this moment, I rejoice in it, I am content here, right now, You are all I require"

To kind of bottom line it, He is all we need to be content.

Being unemployed, I'm amazed at how little I can live on, and in comparison to most in the world I have plenty. I can't complain, I must be content where I am today knowing He will turn it around for my good.

Where ever you find your self today, in plenty or in famine join me in thanking our Father for this moment. Rest assured He knows where you are. Nothing is a surprise to Him, if we trust Him and rest in His provision we will come to that place where we are content in whatever state we find ourselves.

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Light within light without

The picture was taken by my friend's daughter on a trip to Ireland.

Celtic Blessing:

May the blessing of light be on you, light without and light within. May the blessed sunlight shine on you and warm your heart till it glows like a great peat fire.

Luke 11:36:

Therefore if your whole body is full of Light, and no part of it dark, it will be completely lighted as when the light of a lamp shines on you.

When we invite the Light of the world into our being to save our souls an ember of light is planted within us.

As we read the Word, commune with the Father, and walk in His Spirit the ember of Light is fanned and becomes a glowing fire.

This glow so fills us that our outward appearance is changed. We will have a glow about us that the world doesn't understand, all it knows is there is warmth and light when we are around.

It's the Light from the Son that causes the change within us.

So on St. Patrick's Day in honor of my heritage I would like to offer this blessing to you.

May the Blessing of the Light of the World be on you. The Light of His Anointing be on you, His Light within you. May the Blessed Sonlight shine on you and warm your stony heart till it glows like a great peat fire.

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

God's Special Forces

OK, I admit the picture to the right is soooo not me. No pink, no sparkles, nothing girlie about it. But, in all the amazing ways God sees us, I believe this is His visual when He looks into our Spirit.

Last Saturday night I woke up about 3AM with my TV still on. I don't believe in accidents so we'll chalk this up as a divine appointment.

The show that was on was detailing Military personnel who are trained to serve in the Special Forces, Green Beret, Seals, and a couple Israeli branches I couldn't name.

I watched in amazement the tests of human endurance these men were put through.

God was impressing on me our true calling in Him. We are to train to be in the Special Forces of God's Army.

Each of the four men were put through a challenge and timed. Then the "fun" began.

One was put in a tub of ice water, bags and bags of ice were added trying to get his core body temperature to drop below a normal range. The man was in that freezing water for an hour, but because of his training and mind discipline he endured, his core body temperature never dropped. He was finally taken out due to concern for his heart and other internal organs not because he begged to be taken out and warmed up.

I was laying in bed covered up shivering watching him.

After taking him out of the ice bath, he was to run the same obstacle course as before, pick up his gun and fire at the person who was the threat. I watched in awe as he executed the obstacle course, picked up his gun and with pin point accuracy hit the target, perfectly. His time and his aim were more accurate after the hour in the ice bath, after the trial.

One by one I watched these amazing men go through their timed tests. Then after an unbelievable trial that would send normal human beings to the hospital, they re-executed their tests in less time and with more accuracy than they did under normal circumstances.

After his trial each was stronger and more accurate than before.

By this time I was wide awake realizing that we, in His service, are called to a higher and more specialized training. We are called to be the SEALS, or Green Berets in the Army of the Living God.

Then they showed the "baddest" of them all, he only appeared in total camouflage, half of his face covered by the night vision apparatus he was going to use and the other half painted. His name was "classified". This man was such a threat to the enemy and so valuable to our Military his name was non-existent. I am quite sure, however, the enemy knows of this masked man. It doesn't matter what his name is, it only matters that he is such a well trained, disciplined, asset to our Military that his identity is protected. WOW

By this time I'm sitting up in bed, it's 4AM now and my mind is racing. God's Special Forces.

How do I prepare for such an assignment, how do I qualify? What on earth do I, little old me, think I'm doing aspiring to be a member of God's Special Forces?

There was another Special Ops. Soldier in Judges. Gideon was approached by an Angel who said,"The Lord is with you, Mighty Warrior." Judges 6:12 NIV

God saw him as a Mighty Warrior. He saw himself as the weakest member of the weakest clan in Israel. Yet God helped Gideon assemble a Special Ops. team that when following God's orders were victorious over a much larger army.

Truth be told, I sometimes have a hard time seeing my self as the baddest of the bad. I don't see Special Ops written on any of my things, but God...... but my God says I'm a Mighty Warrior. Who do I believe, my mind that is filled with self doubt and fear or the Creator of the Universe?

I go with God's vision of me. I am a Warrior, not just any soldier, I'm a member of the elite fighting force, the Special Ops. Team of God's Army.

Training is not hap-hazard for this Elite Fighting Force. We must train daily, always wearing our battle gear, executing our assignments with precision and bravery.

Each test we endure will make us stronger and more accurate in our abilities to defeat the enemy.

My name is Classified and my desire is to have the enemy on the run as I turn in my bed to get up in the morning.

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Monday, February 22, 2010

What's between You and God?

In Exodus 20:3 God commands us:
"You shall have no other gods before Me or besides Me," AMP
"No other gods, only Me." MSG

I know full well we would never take our gold earrings melt them down, form a cow and worship it.

I also know we would never worship the gods of some ancient cultures.

We are too sophisticated and well read for that.

Our spirituality is far too advanced to revert to some pagan worship ritual like dancing around a tree or bowing down to some man made image.

So what does that scripture have to do with us spiritually sophisticated Christians who would never, never, never bow down to a "graven" image?

I'm glad you asked!

Last week I was lamenting to God over some important relationships that have yet to be healed and restored.

Before you blow me off as crazy, He sometimes shows me pictures in my mind, not unlike a video!

I saw myself at certain points in my past where sin or hurt occurred. As certain issues came to mind I would stop, pick up a boulder and go on to the next spot and pick up another boulder. This went on for a while, I was bent over backwards trying to balance all these heavy boulders I had picked up. I saw myself picking up boulders for things I couldn't even remember from my childhood. As I watched myself over burdened with these boulders, I heard the word alter. Because I was carrying these "alters", memories, boulders, whatever you want to call them with me, I couldn't be completely in the now.

Before you call the men in the white coats, I have a point, I promise.

As Christians we are forgiven, washed in His precious blood. Our sins are no longer a part of God's memory. These issues are a part of the past and God is not there, yet as we continually present these alters to Him as an excuse for whatever, we can't fully be free in Him.

I know, I know....."Just give it to God, Just let it go, You're forgiven it's over, move on, Lay it down, Take it to the cross, Put it at His feet"....did I forget anything?

It's simple, but not really.

I think it's a process.

Some of the results of our past sins are still facing us everyday so it's not that easy to "let it go"or move on, because we have constant reminders.

Learning how to reprogram our thought process comes from believing His word. The transforming of our minds is a daily process that we must diligently pursue on a second by second basis.

In the picture you see some stones I collected and put in a jar, it sits on my desk. This reminds me of all the boulders I'm carrying around that I, by the renewing of my mind will someday be free from.

When my mind takes a trip back, asking me, how could anybody have done that? or what on earth were you thinking, you knew better? or how pitiful were you to have let that happen?, etc. I look at my jar and it reminds me I have to choose to release those things that I hold onto before I can totally be in the NOW with God and receive the healing and restoration of a broken past.

I'm sure God's sick of hearing about my mistakes, but for some reason they have been set up as an alter, and sometimes take more of my thought process than worshiping Him, studying His word, praying for others.

We don't have golden cow idols or gods and goddesses we pray to or worship that would be breaking the first commandment, we all know better.

We can, however, unintentionally set up idols and put them on an alter that we spend way too much time in front of, taking time away from God.

God wants us free from our idols.

Sometimes it takes a long, hard, critical look at ourselves to find the idols we have so creatively crafted because many of them are good and profitable and helpful. Sometimes they are dark secrets, past sins or hurts buried so deep within us we don't even know they are there.

He wants us to remove anything and everything that takes our minds, and our hearts off Him.

Focusing on Him will bring to light our idols. Once we recognize them we are better equipped to break them down, totally destroying any evidence of their existence.

Don't be tempted to hold on to them because you are emotionally attached to them.

Get out your Sword, the word of God, and don't stop till they are completely obliterated. It may take time, lots of time. It's OK, you can eat an elephant one bite at a time just keep at it. God has given each of us the equipment we need to tear down and destroy our idols. With faith, determination and daily renewing our minds with His Word our idols will be completely destroyed. And we will be free to be with God in the Now.

So start swinging that Sword and when you're done, put on your dancing shoes.

Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pride or Shame?

Pride or Shame, Strength or Weakness....

How many times have you found yourself in a place where you really really wanted, needed, someone to pray with you about a certain situation, but for what ever reason you conjured up you didn't reach out?

Be honest, I can't be the only one that didn't reach out when I should have.

My question is why don't we reach out for prayer when we need it most?

Proverbs 16: 18 says, Pride goes before destruction. NIV, or in the Message Bible it says, First pride, then the crash--the bigger the ego, the harder the fall. defines pride as, a high opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit or superiority.

Our enemy, the deceiver will inevitably set us up.

On one hand, we find pride in what we do, or how people want us to pray for them or give them advice, on the other hand we are ashamed or embarrassed by our lack of Spirituality, our messed up finances, our disfunctional households.

But does the shame and embarrassment come from a kind of pride that keeps us from reaching out for prayer because we just don't want anyone else to know how messed up we really are?

"I'm ashamed of what I did, but how can I go to someone for prayer when I know better? People will look at me differently if I expose my deeds and lack of Spirituality therefore I'll suck it up and go it alone."

Yes, that's it, I can pray on my own and God will fix it up and no one will ever know.

Now we aren't just dealing with our issues, but with alienation from fellow believers who are willing and ready to intercede for us.

I'm not saying to run around with a megaphone and announce all your indiscretions to the world.

Use your closest, most trusted prayer partners to confess to, and let them stand in the gap for you till you are restored. God will do the work, but I think sometimes He needs to see we are willing to bring "it" into the light.

Don't let a spirit of pride or shame keep you from falling at His feet. Take your Alabaster box and break it open at His feet. This act was not done in private, but in a house full of people.

Don't let a spirit of pride or shame keep you from reaching out to your prayer partners, pastors, spiritual teachers, or trusted friends for help. I don't know about you, but I consider it an honor when someone asks for me to pray with them, not something to be taken lightly.

Don't let a spirit of pride or shame keep you from answering an invitation to go forward in church for prayer, we've all done that.

Stop it, reach out, there are people in your life willing and able to cover you in prayer, not condemn or judge you, just pray for you.

If you don't have anyone, get a hold of me. My past sins had to be exposed and wash clean by His blood and I'm fully aware that would have never happened with out people interceding for me in prayer.

Don't let your pride or shame keep you from release and freedom.

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cure for the Winter Blues

The cat is Angel, her picture was taken in the summer on our back porch at a Birthday party.

I have two cats, Sheba is smart, Angel is the pretty one...

I love the heat and sunshine of the summer months, there's something about it that just makes me feel good.

Not so much the winter, I hate being cold. I can't describe how miserable I am having to wear socks, layers of sweaters and still being cold. Yes, I live in Florida, but right now it's cold here.

Before you pre-judge and assume I'm a southern light weight I was born and raised in Ohio.
It gets cold there. The days are mostly overcast and when the sun does come out everyone runs for shelter in fear of the big strange looking fire ball in the sky. All I ever wanted to do was move somewhere that didn't get cold and the sunshine was a familiar sight.

I think in winter many of us get the Blues. I'm constantly looking for a heat source to get my blood flowing again.

Sheba, the smart cat, must feel the same way I do about being cold. I have a lamp on my desk and when I have the light on, up she jumps wrecking havoc with the pile of papers that constantly collect in her spot.

She sits up straight with her face pointing upward toward the source of light, the light bulb. To her it must be some wonderful thing that causes warmth to flow into her cold body. She thoroughly enjoys soaking up the light, never in a rush to move away usually laying down for a snooze in the warmth of the light.

Watching her I couldn't help think, when our Spirits get cold we need to seek out the Light to get the Blood flowing through us so we can warm up and radiate the heat that comes from basking in the Light of the World.

John 8:12, Jesus says, "I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." NIV

When we take time to praise and worship God we begin to be immersed in the warmth of His light. His Blood begins to cover and fill us with a warmth and energy we can't get anywhere else.

The longer we bask in His Light the warmer our Spirit becomes and the more distant the chill of the darkness becomes.

His light is transferred to us freely. His warmth radiates from us and we are no longer bound by the clouds and chill of everyday troubles. We are raised up in His Light and are given the ability to see our situations through His eyes, the eyes of the Spirit.

Next time you find yourself feeling a little blue from all this coldness seek out The source for Light. Read, sing, dance, praise or pray you'll find your temperature rising and the warmth from His Light will change you from the inside out.

Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Backing away from the Light

Wow, I almost couldn't find my way to my own back porch.
I have learned that no matter how craftily you back away from the Light you back right up into God who's been waiting for you!

My backward journey began in Oct. or Nov., I was getting too close to things that I had been praying for, dreaming of, working toward.

Feeling that old familiar sensation of fear creeping into my blood stream I started a backward slide away from the very things I was walking toward.

It wasn't a conscious backward movement just a very subtle letting go, procrastinating, and the old favorite not feeling "worthy" of any kind of success or realization of a dream.

My backward slide took me into a terrible 2 month bout with bronchitis among other things.

When we give into the enemy's lies he holds nothing back to keep us from our appointed destinations.

I couldn't concentrate on anything, therefore I stopped reading my Bible, having daily devotions, communicating with friends except enough to keep up appearances. I was not only physically sick but choking out the very life in me.

Remember the dream where you are falling? That's how I felt. Minimal hope, falling and too tired to grab a hold of anything that would stop my slide.

I did however know all the right words to say so no one would know how really desperate I felt. I was in no mood to be anointed with oil and be prayed over. Pride raises it's ugly head and keeps us from getting the very thing we need the most.

Finally, a dear friend of mine dragged me to the doctor, paid for the appointment for me, then ushered me into Publix where I could get free antibiotics and the other stuff that was prescribed. Things started turning around, not right away, very slowly.

As my bronchitis started to clear and the antibiotics started working in my body my mind started to clear. God provided an online conference for me to attend with the A Woman Inspired group. I love those Girls.

It was then I realized even as I was slowly backing away from God, tiptoeing so no one would notice, He had all ready gone to the place where He knew I would back smack into Him.

I am absolutely blown away by His constant love for me. Especially at my age, I think I should have it all together spiritually and not get off track. But there He is graciously, lovingly and sometimes with a smack upside my head capturing me from myself and guiding me back into Him where I belong.

I'm sharing this with you because I know full well I don't go through anything that someone else won't, at some point, need encouragement to get through.

Let me tell you now, no matter what the "reason" no matter how sick you are, how fearful you are, how unworthy you feel, how tired you are, God is there waiting for you to just fall backward into His loving, healing, supportive arms. Just like in the falling dream, only with the assurance He's there to catch us, because He said He would.

We aren't supposed to react or give into our feelings or illnesses or emotions, the only thing we are to do is trust He will be the light in our darkness. He will be the dance, He will be the Prince Charming we dream of.

If you feel yourself slipping backward away from the Light, just let go....I promise, like me, He'll catch you and make you safe.

When you're drowning the worst thing you can do is struggle, the minute you trust in the water to hold you up you start floating.

Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

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    Prayer (11) battle gear (11) Faith (5) Family (5) Worship (5) America (4) Blessings (4) God's promise (4) Light (4) politically correct (4) praise (4) unemployed (4) Coffee (3) Forgiveness (3) God's will (3) Grace (3) Holy Land Experience (3) Holy Spirit (3) Jesus (3) children (3) fear (3) miracles (3) victory (3) Alabaster Box (2) Armor (2) Beach (2) Blood of Jesus (2) Choices (2) Cleansing (2) Content (2) Daddy (2) Dance (2) Death (2) Direction (2) Fasting (2) Favor (2) Florida (2) Friends (2) God (2) God's Favor (2) His Word (2) Home (2) Idols (2) Mercy (2) Ministry (2) Ohio (2) Plan (2) Pray (2) Proverbs (2) Rejoice (2) Salvation (2) Sunshine (2) Sword (2) Thankful (2) Warrior (2) Warriors Manual (2) attacks (2) encouragement (2) frontline (2) healing (2) trust (2) 9-11 (1) Abraham (1) Abuse (1) Affairs (1) Alter (1) Anonymous (1) Ant (1) Backing away (1) Bible (1) Bloggers retreat (1) Blues (1) Breastplate (1) Butterfly (1) Canton (1) Career (1) Cat (1) Chile miners (1) Classified (1) Closet (1) Communion (1) Compromise (1) Confused (1) Coutryard (1) Cursing (1) Dancing (1) Darkness (1) Decisions (1) Detour (1) Distress (1) Dream (1) Exodus (1) FEMA. job (1) FROG (1) Faithful Instruction (1) Father's strength (1) First Aid (1) Flag (1) Flawless (1) Fragrance (1) Freedom (1) Generations (1) Gifting (1) Girlies (1) God First (1) God's Good Pleasure (1) God's Word (1) God's light (1) Grandchild (1) Grandchildren (1) Grandma (1) Green Grass (1) Helmet (1) Hephzibah (1) His voice (1) Hope (1) Household (1) Identity (1) Idleness (1) Instruction (1) Intellectual elite (1) Intercessor (1) Ireland (1) Jewish Temple (1) Jupiter (1) Letting go (1) Life (1) Lifeguard (1) Loneliness (1) Love (1) Maurading Forces (1) Merge Church (1) Merry Christmas (1) Mess (1) Military (1) Monday (1) Motivation (1) Name change (1) Nashville (1) Negative (1) New Day (1) New Name (1) Nursing home (1) Oatmeal Paste (1) Ocean (1) Offense (1) Offering (1) Parade (1) Past Mistakes (1) Poison (1) Positive (1) Pride (1) Priorities (1) Protocol (1) Psalm (1) Record (1) Refuge (1) Repent (1) Rescue (1) Resume (1) Retail (1) Rigousness (1) Robbers (1) Role Model (1) Roots (1) Salt (1) Sand (1) School (1) Scrapbook (1) Seasoning (1) Security (1) Seek Him (1) Sexual Promiscuity (1) Shalimar (1) Shame (1) Shield of Faith (1) Significance (1) Sin (1) Sing (1) Single Mothers (1) Son (1) Special Ops. (1) Steep (1) Sun (1) Sweat (1) Sword of the Spirit (1) Tea Pot (1) Tea bag (1) Teach (1) Temperature (1) Titus (1) Tolerant (1) Tomatoes (1) Toxins (1) Toys (1) Truth (1) Unsure (1) Venom (1) WWII (1) Walk This Way (1) Water (1) Wisdom (1) Words (1) alone (1) betrayal (1) bleach (1) bronchitis (1) challenges (1) clouds (1) comfort (1) cross-stitch (1) cupboard (1) divorce (1) flaming arrows (1) helping (1) integrity (1) job (1) journey (1) needlework (1) perseverance (1) resoration (1) rest (1) retail management (1) roach (1) separation (1) shield (1) slavation (1) solar power (1) sorrow (1) stars (1) stress (1) surgery (1) tatting (1) tax (1) tongue (1) unemployment (1) ungodliness (1) vision (1) wine (1) worry (1)

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