Monday, December 7, 2009

My Girlies

Thanks to you who hunted me down to find out why I haven't written to you in a while. I'm feeling better now, still coughing but on the mend. The burn on my hand is still very painful, but I can type now. This has been a crazy couple weeks!

I wanted to share some of my friends stories with you in hopes of giving encouragement and helping expose some of the self-esteem issues we allow ourselves to buy into.

Today's Girlfriends all have a "past".

Sexual impurity isn't always a choice, sometimes it's forced on us, by a stranger, a boyfriend, a relative, someone of the opposite sex or the same sex.

What ever the reason... there it is.... penetrating the spirit so deeply that in most cases bad choices, and low self esteem are inevitable.

Once dragged over to the "other side" some find it impossible to regroup. There seems to be no reason to be anything other than what we've been dealt because, after all, that's what we are now. No hope, no joy, no bright shinny future, no Prince Charming.

I don't believe any little girl playing with her dolls aspires to become someone who has sex indiscriminately, jumping from one relationship to another, or to become a prostitute.

Sometimes things happen on the way to adulthood that can shape us into things we were never meant to be.

Those things help contribute to an out of control lifestyle that can lead to an early death.

What I learned from my Girl friends that I want to share with you is, no matter how bad other people think you are, no matter what icky things you may have done or had done to you, all is not lost.

There is One that meets you where you are. It doesn't matter where you live, what kind of clothes you have on, how many tats or piercings you have, what drugs you use to kill the pain.

He doesn't care what you've done or what was done to you. He doesn't care what you've been called or even what you call yourself when you look in the mirror.

Once you meet Him, look into His eyes and take His hand that life of sexual promiscuity, pain, loneliness, and emptiness is part of your past not your future.

When He looks at you in your mess all He sees is a Princess, the love of His life. He sees beauty, strength, dignity, integrity, and purity. He sees all things beautiful in you. Everything you were created to be is reflected in His eyes.

At that moment you are transformed, restored back to what He created.

You can pack up your past and use it as a reference to help others, or you can wear it like a death cloak the choice is yours. It's not easy, but it's so worth it to move beyond the past and walk hand in hand with Him.

My friends stories have inspired, encouraged, motivated and liberated me. Realizing Jesus comes to us right where we are is so overwhelming. The Prince of Peace, King of Kings coming to my end of town to rescue me and then sending me out to tell others what He said to me...

Most churches won't let a "divorced" woman or a woman with a "past" have an opportunity to share His love with others, but Jesus sent my one friend out into her town to tell others about Him.

These friends have several things in common with many of us today. A past steeped in sexual misdeeds!

Rahab was a prostitute. Probably separated from her family due to her profession and her need for privacy. What caused her to turn to a life of prostitution is a question I plan on asking her someday. Something happened to her that made that life style a necessity. She protected the spies in exchange for the safety of herself and her family. She made a choice to do something. As a result of her action she was not only rewarded with life, but married a Hebrew and is in the Royal blood line, listed by name among all those men. She made a choice, and her past didn't get in the way of her future.Her story is in the Book of Joshua. I love this girls bravery and smarts..

My second friend is from Samaria. This seemed like an ordinary day for her, but when she got to the well her entire life was turned upside down. I'm sure there was a reason she had so many husbands. Why she was shacking up with her current fella remains to be seen. Another question for when I get to heaven. After a brief conversation about water, Jacob and political correctness, Jesus told her about her past and present living conditions. She knew He was something special and ran off to tell the Good News to the people in her town. A woman with multiple marriages used by Jesus as an Evangelist, go figure!! He didn't care about her past, He cared about her new life.... Her story is in the Book of John

My third and last friend for today was also the subject of a sexually charged story. She was caught in the "act" of adultery. After being dragged in public to Jesus for sentencing, I'm quite sure this was a conspiracy, after all where was the guy, this was a big set up at her expense. I digress. My friend knew the moment she was caught what the penalty was, and I'm sure fear gripped her entire being. In her day a woman caught in adultery was stoned to death. Today we are beaten to death by the wagging tongues of the onlookers. Little did she know that day, being thrown at the feet of the Master was the best thing that could have happened to her. He didn't condemn her lifestyle choice, He didn't do anything. He told her to leave her life of sin. Not only was her life spared that day, but her story was written to encourage anyone who's made less than stellar decisions regarding sex outside marriage. Whatever her issues were Jesus saw past them, cleaned her up and gave her a new chance at life.

I love these girls, they have been my friends and encourager's. Their lives are so real, they weren't virginal, prim, proper, churchie girls. These girls knew what forgiveness really meant.

Transformed by His love and provision.

When I was praying about sharing my girlies with you God told me to tell you this:

"I don't care how the world has abused you. I don't care how you have abused yourself or someone else. I have a plan and purpose for you and your descendants."

Don't let the sins of your past hold you back from a new life in Christ. His loving arms are waiting to hold you and make you pure.

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

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