Monday, February 22, 2010

What's between You and God?

In Exodus 20:3 God commands us:
"You shall have no other gods before Me or besides Me," AMP
"No other gods, only Me." MSG

I know full well we would never take our gold earrings melt them down, form a cow and worship it.

I also know we would never worship the gods of some ancient cultures.

We are too sophisticated and well read for that.

Our spirituality is far too advanced to revert to some pagan worship ritual like dancing around a tree or bowing down to some man made image.

So what does that scripture have to do with us spiritually sophisticated Christians who would never, never, never bow down to a "graven" image?

I'm glad you asked!

Last week I was lamenting to God over some important relationships that have yet to be healed and restored.

Before you blow me off as crazy, He sometimes shows me pictures in my mind, not unlike a video!

I saw myself at certain points in my past where sin or hurt occurred. As certain issues came to mind I would stop, pick up a boulder and go on to the next spot and pick up another boulder. This went on for a while, I was bent over backwards trying to balance all these heavy boulders I had picked up. I saw myself picking up boulders for things I couldn't even remember from my childhood. As I watched myself over burdened with these boulders, I heard the word alter. Because I was carrying these "alters", memories, boulders, whatever you want to call them with me, I couldn't be completely in the now.

Before you call the men in the white coats, I have a point, I promise.

As Christians we are forgiven, washed in His precious blood. Our sins are no longer a part of God's memory. These issues are a part of the past and God is not there, yet as we continually present these alters to Him as an excuse for whatever, we can't fully be free in Him.

I know, I know....."Just give it to God, Just let it go, You're forgiven it's over, move on, Lay it down, Take it to the cross, Put it at His feet"....did I forget anything?

It's simple, but not really.

I think it's a process.

Some of the results of our past sins are still facing us everyday so it's not that easy to "let it go"or move on, because we have constant reminders.

Learning how to reprogram our thought process comes from believing His word. The transforming of our minds is a daily process that we must diligently pursue on a second by second basis.

In the picture you see some stones I collected and put in a jar, it sits on my desk. This reminds me of all the boulders I'm carrying around that I, by the renewing of my mind will someday be free from.

When my mind takes a trip back, asking me, how could anybody have done that? or what on earth were you thinking, you knew better? or how pitiful were you to have let that happen?, etc. I look at my jar and it reminds me I have to choose to release those things that I hold onto before I can totally be in the NOW with God and receive the healing and restoration of a broken past.

I'm sure God's sick of hearing about my mistakes, but for some reason they have been set up as an alter, and sometimes take more of my thought process than worshiping Him, studying His word, praying for others.

We don't have golden cow idols or gods and goddesses we pray to or worship that would be breaking the first commandment, we all know better.

We can, however, unintentionally set up idols and put them on an alter that we spend way too much time in front of, taking time away from God.

God wants us free from our idols.

Sometimes it takes a long, hard, critical look at ourselves to find the idols we have so creatively crafted because many of them are good and profitable and helpful. Sometimes they are dark secrets, past sins or hurts buried so deep within us we don't even know they are there.

He wants us to remove anything and everything that takes our minds, and our hearts off Him.

Focusing on Him will bring to light our idols. Once we recognize them we are better equipped to break them down, totally destroying any evidence of their existence.

Don't be tempted to hold on to them because you are emotionally attached to them.

Get out your Sword, the word of God, and don't stop till they are completely obliterated. It may take time, lots of time. It's OK, you can eat an elephant one bite at a time just keep at it. God has given each of us the equipment we need to tear down and destroy our idols. With faith, determination and daily renewing our minds with His Word our idols will be completely destroyed. And we will be free to be with God in the Now.

So start swinging that Sword and when you're done, put on your dancing shoes.

Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty


  1. Wendy,

    I came across your blog while browsing through the internet...Happy to read your post..And what you said is so true..we may not have golden images infront of us...but we sure have things or relationships that we give more importance than God..Thank you once again..

    Rani John

  2. Hi Wendy, I found your lovely blog on Christian Women take root. Thanks for sharing this post. I do struggle too with the same issue, it is somewhat difficult to stop thinking of the past mistakes, when i was blind..
    Have a blessed week and speak to you soon.
    In Christ. Nicky

  3. Wow...ready for those dancing shoes! Great post....


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