Friday, September 4, 2009

Whose Battle is it?

These are my children. The Bride is my newest daughter-in-love. My other d-i-l was probably chasing kids. Not sure where my son-in-love was either. Aren't they beautiful? I digress.

I firmly believe the prayers of a Mother for her household have a special place in God's heart.

Sometimes our prayers are ones of thanksgiving, but for the most part our prayers are battle cries.

When a Mother is crying out for the salvation of one of her children, or praying a covering over a child that she doesn't know where they are, or a Mother trying to capture her child out of the jaws of death all heaven is moved.

When these Mother's groan in travail for their children, with no one to turn to but God Himself, I can see God hushing the Angels and saying, "Hush, listen, that's one of My Girls, she needs Me."

I know with out a doubt the fervent prayers of a Mother touches the very heart of God. And those prayers hold a power only God, the Angels and another Mother can understand.

I have anointed pictures, pillows, clothing, mattresses and whatever else I could sneak a dab of oil on while praying over my children. I've cried, spent sleepless nights, cried some more praying,praying,praying for issues to be dealt with and healed, for restoration, salvation, guidance, the list goes on.

Every now and then something spectacular happens that lets me know God hears me and is bringing His plan into reality for me.

I'm changing my mental picture of a Mother. You know the one, apron on, dinner cooking, laundry folded, carpet vacuumed, gentle, smiling, mild tempered. Mrs. Cleaver, we all know the image.

What I'm beginning to see is not a domestic goddess but a warrior. Totally clad in her battle gear, sword drawn, watching, on guard, alert, standing ready at a moments notice to storm hell's gates for her household if needed.

2Chronicles20 gives us our battle plan step by step.

In vs.3 Jehoshaphat proclaimed a three day fast when he heard about the armies on their way to attack. During this time he was determined to hear from the Lord .

When the whole nation was gathered Jehoshaphat spoke out in verse 12 saying, "For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You "

Then someone from the crowd spoke out and said, "Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not your, but God's. Then he told them, "You will not have to fight this battle, TAKE UP YOUR POSITIONS; STAND FIRM AND SEE THE DELIVERANCE THE LORD WILL GIVE YOU. DO NOT BE AFRAID; DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you."

After that Jehoshaphat and the whole crew bowed down in worship before the Lord. Then the Levites stood up and praised the Lord with a very loud voice... no whimpering or crying here, praising loudly is how we are to go into battle.

Jehoshaphat appointed worshipers to go out ahead of the army. The worshipers were the front line assault force in this army.

As they began singing, praising, and worshiping the Lord Himself set ambushes for the enemy army. The bad guys became so confused they began killing each other, not one of them was left.

When we go into battle for our children, after fasting and seeking God, we get loud. We put on our game face, we put on our armor, we praise and worship thanking God for the victory He is about to hand us.

The battle is not ours, it's God's. That doesn't mean we sit idly by, no, we train, we prepare, we move out in praise and worship to the battle field then we stand on His word.

The Bible says it took them three days to haul back all the loot they gathered from the armies.

When we allow God to orchestrate the battle, not only are we assured the victory but He provides us with all the spoils. I believe the spoils will be all the things the enemy has stolen from us in the past, everything he owes us God will allow us to collect.

There's a lot of warfare to do, as we learn this battle plan we will get into position more quickly and the battle cry from the core of our very being will be a shout, a loud sound of praise. Then God will step in and set the ambushes.

Victory is ours, the battle is God's. What a sweet deal! Only a loving Father, a mighty protector would fight the battle for His Children. I don't know about you, but I'm so glad I'm one of His favorite Girls.

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty


  1. I'm so in warrior mode where my family is concerned! I may look more like a June Cleaver to the world but be assured the armour is there.

  2. This is great Wendy, and something I so needed to hear today.

    Much love!

  3. Wendy, have you ever heard the song "Mama Prays" by Chris Rice? It talks about how the devil runs and hides when Mama prays! lol

  4. Wendy...saying "hi" and thanking you for the post. I have a similar message on my heart right now from some different scriptures coming soon on my blog. God is teaching me the power of a mommy warrior. My kids are much younger than yours and I'm glad He's teaching me now.

    Glad to have a new blog sister :-)

  5. Thanks sister for bringing your message from your heart...As a mother of 3 grown children your message brought back the memories of many battles as they grew...I know well the role as the "Warrior Mom"...Now I have another rank in our Lords army "Warrior Grandma" as well and always will be "Warrior Mom." Remember the song by Twila Paris - Warrior is a Child / Do I Trust You?
    I don't know if the link above will work...thank you sis for your messages and leading me to your blog. Good stuff here kid!
    In Christ Love
    Kathrine the Warrior for the Lord

  6. What timely Scriptures. I'm going to write them out for my daily notebook so I can read them every day. This applies as MAMA and WIFE right now, and the heat is on! I'm armed and praising Him and Standing in the Gap for my family... Thank you for these words of encouragement - HIS WORDS!!!


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