Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now you see Him, now you don't

A few weeks ago my friend, Elizabeth and I went to the Orlando Science Center to see the sky through the huge telescope they have.

I'm not much of a student of the stars, planets and such but it sounded like an interesting evening.

We climbed up into the little tower where the telescope was then at the right moment we each got to climb a ladder to look at Jupiter.

I wasn't too happy about climbing a ladder when I'm all ready at the tippy top of the building. But I figured I was there and didn't want to look like a chicken so I took a DEEP breath, acted like everything was super duper and climbed up. The ladder did have hand rails and I was hoping no one noticed I was grasping the rails like they were my sole link to life.

Focusing in on the telescope I saw Jupiter and it's moons. Cool, how fast can I get down this ladder and down the circular stair way to a safe place??

Once safely on the top of the building we could see Jupiter on our own. It was a very bright light, not too impressive unless you're into that kind of thing.

Then the clouds started to roll in and I stood there and watched as Jupiter slowly faded away.

I knew it was still right where it was before the cloud cover, but I couldn't see it. All I could see with my eyes was darkness. I kept watching the spot like I was going to get some kind of sign that Jupiter knew I was rooting for it to be uncovered so we could see it again.

Standing there in the darkness staring at the sky that once had a pretty light for me to focus on I realized how cool it was for God to provide me with a little visual of Him and me.

I was so excited when I realized all this, I started talking as fast as I could trying to explain what I was seeing to Elizabeth, who by now knows me well enough to just hold on for the ride till I'm done with my "revelating".

This was amazing...I saw Jupiter, I knew it was there because I saw it. After the clouds covered it and I couldn't see it anymore, was I sure it was still there? Of course, because I knew it didn't fall out of the sky it was just behind a cloud cover. I had faith to believe it was there, behind the clouds.

When God is bright and shinning, preforming miracles on our behalf, bringing our household into salvation, raining down financial blessings, healing our illnesses, and all the other great stuff He does we all can see Him with our eyes and marvel at the beautiful light.

We are so excited knowing He's shinning just for us we can't help pointing Him out for others to see.

But what happens when the clouds roll in?
Are we still looking?
Are we still excited?
Are we still pointing Him out to others?
Are we still able to "see" Him behind the clouds?
Are we strong enough in our faith walk that we don't need to "see" Him constantly to know He's there?
When we can't see him because of a cloud cover what do we do? Worry that maybe He's left and forgotten us or Praise Him because we know He's always there?

Matthew 28:20 promises, "I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

It doesn't matter where we are in our journey, or what inconvenience we're facing today, He promises He's right there with us.

It's our choice to believe Him.

It's our choice to exercise our faith and thank Him for being our covering, our protection, our everything, even if we can't see Him.

We can have faith that He's behind the cloud taking care of our business.

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty


  1. Thanks Wendy for reminding me of the Jupiter encounter and yes it does highlight our need to keep God in focus at all times even when we do not "see" Him. I just want to add here that 'without faith it is impossible to please Him'. We came to Him by grace through faith and we have to continue this journey with Him to the finish the same way. I pray that as we continue to "see" Christ we will be changed as we apply faith in each situation.

  2. We saw Jupiter a few days ago quite by mistake. There was a brilliant 'star' next to the moon. We wondered what it was, until someone clued us in. How awesome God's creation is!

    Come visit me:

  3. He is indeed wonderful. Come by my blog and see the small wonder he gifted me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. "I had faith to believe it was there, behind the clouds." I just stepped into your revelation with you. And then I read Matthew 28:20. Oh my goodness. I had no idea that God intended that for me when I made that scripture tag. What a blessing! Thanks Wendy!

    Yes that scripture tag is one of my free tags, there for anyone who wants to use it. Help yourself my friend.

    Much love!


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