Monday, November 9, 2009

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

Please indulge me today. I have to rant about something that has made me lose my "Christmas Spirit" for several years now.

My last 10 or so Christmases have been spent working in the Retail World.

At that certain point, while setting up all to early for Christmas the "memo" came.

With instructions in hand, Managers were to make sure each and every employee knew to use the term happy holidays rather than Merry Christmas.

Thinking of it makes my blood boil, I always made a special point, rebel that I am, not to use the term happy holidays. I just didn't say anything unless someone wished me a Merry Christmas then I would reply in kind.

Given the nature of my job, retail management, I was especially offended by the Politically Correctness of the Retail World.

Terrified a penny or worse a dime might be lost if someone were offended by the greeting Merry Christmas the term is banned in most retail organizations.

Here's the rub, if it wasn't for the celebration of Jesus birth on Dec. 25, they wouldn't be taking in over 50% of their profits for the year. The greedy corporations should be shouting Merry Christmas from the roof tops, in gratitude for the business that comes their way.

Not worried about offending Christians because they won't speak out on this issue to the "powers that be," the focus is turned on not upsetting the "Non-Christian" market.

In my mind, the Christmas buying public should be getting their feet kissed with every purchase, or at least a foot massage, especially in today's economy.

Retailers should be promoting Christmas with all the abandon they use to hush the words Merry Christmas from their sales floors.

They pull the merchandise out in September hoping to boost 3rd quarter sales, but deny the One we are celebrating.

As you shop this year, don't be Politically Correct. Wish your store personnel a Merry Christmas and don't be afraid to let the store you frequent the most know you are offended by the denial of your Lord's birth.

Speak up and speak out, why join the Politically Correct when it comes to the birth of Jesus.

Before any of you say anything, I'm well aware Jesus was in all probability born in Oct., but this is the day we celebrate it so let's let them know we are proud to be celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

This is not a time to be quiet and stand meekly by only to have one more thing important to the Believers taken away.

Saying Merry Christmas is just a little thing, but we as Believers have to stop letting others tell us what we can and can't say, what we can or can't display in public.

Thanks, I feel better now! Let me be the first one to say Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you too Wendy. I am so with you on this issue. As a matter of fact I always check the listing of stores that recognize Christmas and those that don't and I will not spend my money in stores that don't. Even if it is the only store that has the perfect gift for someone, I won't shop there.

    This is the 3rd post today I have seen on Christmas and just a little while ago I was thinking that I would get my Christmas tree out early and have it set up before Thanksgiving. The Holy Spirit must be stirring the hearts of His people. Oh I hope so!

    You left a comment on my give-away post but I wasn't sure if you were entering. Let me know.

    Much love!

  2. Enjoyed this post & I'll be back!

  3. Yes, preach it. I'm all for saying Merry Christmas loud and clear. It's heart breaking to see this happening more and more.

    Thank you for sharing your heart. It's HIS!

  4. I agree! When a clerk says happy holidays to me I always smile and say Merry Christmas back.

  5. Thanks, Wendy, for your strong stand on this issue. I have purposed in my heart this year to spend Christmas gift dollars only in stores that openly acknowledge it is CHRISTmas we are celebrating. No amount of political correctness will ever change that fact.

    Thanks too, for your courageous stand for the unborn. God bless you ... and Happy Thanksgiving, and MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a Spirit-filled New Year!

  6. what is wrong with "Happy Holidays"? its NOT anti christmas its just including other races. what are you REALLY that offended? Besides Jesusand God wont be mad at you for saying it. After all he created those other races and not honoring them is dishonoring Gods work.

  7. And it isnt denial of the lord. As long as you know you believe then does it really matter?

  8. why not just say both? then you can be happy and you wont offend other religions

  9. Are you really that narrow-minded? You are so ignorent to everyone elses religon. God created the Muslims and the Jews, Jesus was a jew!!!! So Saying "Happy Holidays" is making ALL of "Gods People" happy. It's respecting all of his creations. So by saying Marry Christmas to someone who is non-christian is offending something God himself created, telling God "I thing some of your work is not good enough to deserve my respect.


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