Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blessings or Cursing?

We make choices everyday. Most of them seem small, insignificant not worth praying over or worrying about.

We choose what to wear. Not necessarily a big deal, unless we choose to wear jeans to a formal dinner. Then we look a little silly.

We choose what to eat. Again, not a big deal unless we choose to ingest something we are allergic to, then we have a huge problem.

The consequences of our choices can be minimal or life threatening.

Psalm 109:18 tells us, "He wore cursing as his garment; it entered into his body like water, into his bones like oil."

Life or Death? Choose life

The words we speak, read, and listen to seep into the very core of our being, into our bones.

Words are active, if we aren't sending out and creating blessings we are sending out and creating curses.

Which do you choose? Blessings or Cursing?

With our words we are forming the future of our household.

Building up- Tearing Down (Abuse)

Destructive, negative word curses and thoughts can seep into the center of our very being.

I can picture raw sewage seeping out of the ground covering everything in it's path, being absorbed into whatever it touches. Dark, raw, life threatening, filth being taken in by what used to be alive, covering it and choking it to death.
The choices we make regarding entertainment will affect our thoughts and seep into our very inward parts. Books we read, movies, TV shows, Internet, magazines will all affect our words, our beliefs and our future.

Choose Life!

Instead of wearing cursing as a garment, put on a garment of praise

Instead of having cursing enter our bodies like water, allow the water of the word to wash us clean.

Instead of allowing cursing to be absorbed into our bones like oil, we need to pour the anointing oil of the spirit over us and let it soak into our bones making us strong.

Choose life!

What curses have you worn? Something a parent or loved one said to you? Maybe a teacher, pastor, or friend said something that wounded you. Think about books or magazines articles, movies, pictures on the internet, that you knew were not what you should be looking at.

God wants us to be free of the curses we've been subjected to. In His word there is freedom. Let Him wrap you in His arms of love and remove the curses that have weighed you down.

Lord, I ask you to touch everyone reading this. Clear our vision so we can see the things that would come upon us as a curse. Give us discernment to recognize words spoken or printed that would do us harm. Strengthen us so we can do away with anything that is not in line with your blessing over our households. We stand, knowing the battle is not ours but yours.

Keep your head up, your eyes open and always be alert for something trying to sneak up on you to take your focus off God. The battle is on!

My challenge to us all is list everything we can think of that has come upon us as a curse. Everything that is designed to suck the life out of us. Study it, and ask God for guidance in dealing with each item on the list. Ask for clarity of mind to discover the root of the curse and then ask for God's guidance for dealing with it. One by one, deal with the very root of the things that are trying to seep into your bones and cause your spiritual death. Then pour on the anointing oil of the spirit to heal and refresh.

Princess, Daughter of the King of Kings
Mother of Princesses and Princes
Grandmother of Royalty

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  1. This is powerful and a message that is much needed. I've been working through my tendency to be easily offended because I know that sets me up for carrying around "curses" that were never meant to be that.


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