Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is the Day!

I am a Grandma, I don't feel like my Grandmas looked, but none the less I am a Grandma. As I ponder my responsibility in this roll I have to look back on the mistakes I made as a Mother and realize this is my chance to "make it right".

We all make mistakes as parents and I believe God gives us grandchildren to give us an opportunity to "work off the guilt" so to speak.

I was not a perfect parent, I did the best I could considering my circumstances and mind sets at the time, but now I see so much more clearly, I am much stronger and am so grateful for the opportunity to influence my children's children in the ways of the Lord, and life!

I have the honor of picking my three year old Grandson Cole up from pre-school everyday. This is a God designed assignment that I in no way take lightly. Everyday for 2 hours I have the God given opportunity to influence him, to teach him,to play with him, to bond with him in a way no one else can.

My one regret at this time is I can't be with my other 5 grandchildren in the same way, they live out of state.

Everyday when we get in my car, before I start the drive to my house I ask Cole a series of questions. Did you have a good day? Did you take a nice nap? What did you learn? all this to lead up to the BIG question, Do you know what day today is?

Do YOU know what day today is???? This is a loaded question, one which Cole has learned the answer to and giggles as he gives the answer.

"This is the day" he giggles and waits for me to start singing "This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice, let us rejoice and be glad in it and be glad in it."

I can hear him attempt to sing along with me in the back seat chiming in with an occasional word.

When I'm done I shout "Yay" then shout "Yay, God!!" I figure if he can hear people shouting for every and all sporting events he should hear the same shouting and enthusiasm for God.

He does his "Yay, God" with me, giggles and usually says, "Grandma, your so funny," and then we proceed to talk about trucks, cars, boats and other vehicles we pass on the road.

But for that moment, he is learning something so profound it will shape his mind sets for life. Something that a lot of adults don't grasp.

Some days he tells me he doesn't have a "Yay God" inside him. And I take the time to explain that no matter what happened or how we feel God has given us this day and everyone and everything, no matter what, is to have a "Yay God" inside them.

A report from his Mom the other week was he told her God made us this day. I can't even begin to tell you what that did to me! I definitely teared up. Through the fun he's learning.

There are days when I pick him up I don't feel like singing or shouting "Yay God", but those are the days when Grandma needs to sing and shout the most.

We all go through things on a regular basis. However our circumstances don't change WHO God is, or WHAT He's done for us. Circumstances will change, they are just blips on the radar of our lives. Some are bigger blips than others but they are blips.

God is God and for that reason alone we should be shouting His praise continually.




  1. Hi Wendy,

    I found this post filled with love and joy. I can certainly identify with much of what you share. Like you, I have grandchildren, most of whom live out of state. I do have three living in Virginia whom I get to see each week. One shared with me that he no longer has asthma. Last year, he stayed with me during nights while my daughter worked. He used medication and a breathing device whenever an attack would come on. I could see the fear in his eyes.

    I began sharing with him how God healed my oldest son of asthma, and how God healed his mom from a severe case of eczema as a child. There were times when I could see the fear and doubt in his eyes, but I wouldn't allow doubt to rob him of being healed; I would take hold of his hands and we would pray.

    He returned home in June after spending the school year in Texas with his dad. My first question as he sat in the car with me was, "How have you been feeling? Have you had any bad asthma attacks?" His answer took me by surprise, "I don't have asthma anymore granddad, I was healed."

    It wasn't so much what he said that surprised me, it was the way he said it; so matter of factly. His answer filled me with joy, and I found myself saying, "Well let's praise God for your healing!" And so we did, right there in my car.

    You're right Wendy, having grandchildren is an opportunity to influence them for Christ. I'm glad your grandson has you in his life. What a testimony God has given to him, a woman of faith; influening him as he in turn will influence others.

    Blessings and peace.


  2. LOVE<LOVE<LOVE!!!! Thanks for sharing girl. You are a rocking grandma.


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