Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Defines Me?

I've been job hunting since March 09, YIKES!! Seeing it actually written down is a bit depressing and yet what a time of God showing off on my behalf!!

Yesterday I received a response to a prayer request that was put out by a dear friend of mine, Marsha of Marsha's Musings. His question was quite different from the normal questions you receive from people who are interested in helping in your job quest or current living situation.

He asked me to forward my resume to him so he could see where my giftings are.

Giftings, job?? Not even in close proximity as far as I'm concerned.

I explained to him my career path was the result of regular moves due to my ex husbands corporate advancement and had nothing to do with what I am "gifted" in.

Thinking back on all the jobs I've held over the past __ years there have only been a couple where I loved what I was doing and I felt good about myself while I was at work. Both of them were jobs where I was helping others.

The first was when I was in Mary Kay Cosmetics. As a Sales Director I found I liked nothing more that my Monday night "Sales Meetings". I had center stage and always managed to turn them into a time of motivation and encouragement.

Nothing thrilled me more that seeing women dig down deep and realize their self worth and inner beauty. Not because they were selling skin care but because I could somehow convey to them they were priceless jewels in God's eyes. I did everything but have an alter call and I loved it.

On the down side, I admit sometimes the drive to keep the pink car overshadowed my family life. And there were times when I chose career over family all the while telling myself I was doing it for them, realizing now what color car I drove was more for me than them!

But what I learned was I love speaking to groups, the larger the better, and if I could encourage someone to feel good about themselves, change their attitudes and draw closer to God I knew I was doing something positive for the Kingdom.

My second favorite job was with FEMA. After Katrina hit I was hired, as so many were, to go to Houston and help people with their claims, finding housing, medical care,etc. We could even do searches to help find lost loved ones. Everyday I was part of a group of people who were truly making a difference. I hated the circumstances, but loved what I was doing.

My resume shows me as a retail manager. That piece of paper that I forward on to, or upload to a company site tells them nothing of me. Quite frankly I don't care what label you wear or what "color story" a particular vendor is trying to tell with their merchandising requirements. I do it because I can and because it pays or rather paid the bills.

So why have I said all this?

I guess it's because I want you to know your job resume doesn't define you. We are so obsessed by what do you do rather than who you are that we can totally miss the being God created because we are looking at or for the skills that create money to define you.

Next time you meet someone, rather than asking what do you do to get to know them ask them who are you, or ask if you could do anything at all with out limitations what is it you would be doing.

A job description doesn't define a person, their hopes and dreams buried deep within is what will tell you what kind of person you are facing.

After all Jesus was a carpenter, or was He?


  1. Wendy, this thrills my heart! I'm so thankful you asked me to pray and allowed me to pass it on. I'm continuing to pray. He knows the plan He has for you.

    Love you my friend.

  2. Hey, I just came across your blog by doing a bit of blog-surfing, and I'm glad I did! I've added myself as your newest follower, and I hope you'll check out my Christian devotional site as well: www.nocondemnation81.blogspot.com

    Have a blessed day!

    In Christ,


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